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Growing a Electrical Business with Jobber and Fundbox

Growing a Electrical Business with Jobber and Fundbox

How Hitchcock & Co. Built a Business to Weather Any Storm

Being an electrician is part of Nick Herron’s DNA: Nick is a fourth-generation electrician from New York state. Given his lineage, it was no surprise to his friends and family when he became the youngest master electrician in New York state history, founding Hitchcock & Company – Licensed Master Electrician when he was only 23 years old.

Hitchcock & Company serves commercial and residential clients in the Hudson River Valley area of New York. The company has carved out a niche as one of the only vertically-integrated electricians in the area. They handle a wide variety of projects end-to-end, from scoping and planning, applying for permits, installing new generators, wiring, or lighting, to servicing the installations.

Nick built the business as a one-stop-shop on purpose, to address a real need he noticed in the market. He saw the challenges his customers faced when trying to manage projects across many different vendors, and wanted to simplify the process for his customers.

“Let’s say you want a new generator,” he says. “First you go to Home Depot to buy it. Then you have to hire an electrician.