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Wilt Chamberlain’s Sex-life: Did He Sleep With ‘20,000’ Female?

Wilt Chamberlain’s Sex-life: Did He Sleep With ‘20,000’ Female?

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Within his 1991 guide tinder hookup culture A viewpoint Out-of More than, Wilt Chamberlain claimed he would slept which have 20,100000 lady during the period of his job. Good lso known as Wilt brand new Stilt and the Large Dipper, Chamberlain are one of the largest scorers into the NBA record — off and on this new judge, frequently. Of the many his epic statistics, the newest “20,100 ladies” amount looks many far-fetched and you may minimum verifiable, together with guide kicked away from a discussion more if or not for example a great number was even it is possible to.

20,one hundred thousand different people was a painful figure to ignore. But not, Wilt Chamberlain’s life is filled with stories and you will issues that appear hopeless. An identical might be said regarding their NBA career. Considering their analytics, they bear zero resemblance in order to some body else’s. So how a lot of Wilt’s sex-life is actually fact or fiction?

Zero Like Topic Because Boring Mathematics

Wilt Chamberlain unknowingly gave us the most interesting mathematics disease ever before posed. Definitely, readers exercised just how many ladies Wilt Chamberlain must bed that have to-arrive 20,100000 once his declaration was penned.