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This is exactly partly motivated by the Interleaved computer!

This is exactly partly motivated by the Interleaved computer!

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computer!various!change and you will tmp joint Around was basically discussions regarding the some Linux associated reports teams about formal file assistance getting short term shop. miscellaneous!interleaved change pushes This is not striping all over numerous pushes, alternatively pushes is reached in a spherical robin fashion in order so you can spread the load for the a rough trends. From inside the Linux you will also have a priority parameter you might to switch for tuning your system, particularly helpful if the disks varies significantly in the price. Have a look at Exchange Partition: to use or perhaps not to use

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disk!miscellaneous!swap or no swap In many cases you do not need a swap partition, for instance if you have plenty of RAM, say, more than 64 MB, and you are the sole user of the machine. In this case you can experiment running without a swap partition and check the system logs to see if you ran out of virtual memory at any point. Removing swap partitions have two advantages: you save disk space (rather obvious really) you save seek time as swap partitions otherwise would lie in the middle of your disk space. In the end, having a swap partition is like having a heated toilet: you do not use it very often, but you sure appreciate it when you require it. Mount Point and /mnt

disk!miscellaneous!mount point issues In an earlier version of this document I proposed to put all permanently mounted partitions under /mnt.